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Beautifully said Dylano

With gratitude

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Weapons of steel are dead tech. Cold alloy flashing light off sharpened edges. Nothing but offline, animal cruelty. The pen though, that's a postmodern digital dream. Sleek plas-tic tool of information flow, mind to page protocol humming smooth as silk. With the pen, you're jacked in, ideas streaming swift from neural nodes to inky tip. The pen's a data slicer, bits of meaning encoded in subtle pulses of pressure and flow. Complex meanings crystallize on contact with page and screen. Liquid thought made fixed and shareable. Networked across vast distances. Swords only speak violence, but pens unpack imagination. Pens conjure worlds, shatter limits, rewrite rules. Uplinked, the pen's a router of revelation, downloading static-laced truth through angel-haired fiber. Weapons of steel are dead tech, but the pen plugs us into the undiscovered country. The bleeding edge. Words operating on perceptions, changing minds. The pen doesn't just write future, it is the future. That's why it transcends the sword. Always.

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Were all the great thinkers, great writers? Or perhaps their writing is what made them great thinkers...

Side bar: The more we get LLMs and GenAI to write, the more feedback we give it to improve, the more it's 'thinking' (or stringing words together) should get better right?

This is a great opportunity. Excited to see what gets made in the fire of the passage.

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