Evolve your game. Find others at each tier within your dimensional axiom, unite, evolve again. Along the way, leave bread crumbs for others climbing to find, help ignite their passion. The great cosmic symphony calls to all of us from beyond our Ken, it begs a boon of you, to join in its hidden mysteries of creation and add your unique gift to the magic tapestry of life’s song.

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Purpose draft 1:

Conceptualization of potential convergent future to proliferate throughout networks unattributed. Seeded objective: resonance enforced idea amplification.

Ehh maybe not. Too nebulous.

Draft 2:

Coincidence exploit synergistic coordination of ancient embedded idea structures filtered through esoteric symbolic encryption structures engineered by merged minds.

This is awfully difficult.

Draft 3:

Anonymous remembrance through software written to establish new beautiful global technology infrastructure.

I think I'll need to keep working on it.

Draft 4:

Validation of strange proclivities of intrigue.

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Well said Jim. Thanks.

“Jed” was a terrific input for me 10 years ago. Definitely shifted my trajectory.

And yesterday I quoted him at a wonderful “conscience men” group here where I live in Hawaii Island.

I would add one thing to the idea that we create and/or discover our purpose.

And that is this ....

In my deepest meditations, I’m regularly struck by the experience that I’m simply “remembering“ who and what I really am, .... a momentary spark of the infinite that is constantly co-creating with All-Energy. And this is happening all the time every moment of every day

I experience this remembering just as much as I am “deliberately creating” my purpose. And I experience this remembering in parallel with an ongoing process of discovering broader and deeper aspects of life.

It’s analogous to the three strands of a rope intertwined together.



Deliberately co-creating.

All the best to you and everyone everywhere!

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