I love that 'Grand Tour' NASA poster, I remember seeing it years ago. I think there's a whole series.. Weird that they say 2017, I seem to remember seeing it a while before then. I'll have to see if I can find the series. But great art!

And I really enjoyed the convo with Jason, in fact, I'm linking it in today's edition of LH. 💚 🥃

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This is an amazing summary Ed, and very useful direction for fleshing out his ideas across a wide range of topics and disciplines. A couple of quick observations:

- We need all the brains we can get. This has ramifications not only in the fertility crisis but in education and social development. The other option is to increase the value and efficiency of the brains we do have. This is where the global communication system and AI, evolving to the global mind, can make a huge contribution and already is.

- As I have discussed, the demise of the nation states and their entrenched beauracries, and their replacement with global wealth generation and distribution entities is an essential step for human progress. We already see that playing out with global corporations having more customers than all but the largest nations.

- The primary and essential requirement for all life forms is to harvest energy from the environment and store it as wealth in order to have resources for unforeseen problems and to invest in future activities that on average must produce positive increases in wealth - growth, reproduction and evolution. This is not an option, it is essential for every life form from the simple bacteria to global human superorganisms. As he says, gaining money and wealth are essential for human progress.

Great writeup, thanks.

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