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> Relevance realisation also maps precisely onto the process of complexification. “When you are realizing relevance you are participating in the same process that is involved in the ongoing creation and complexification of everything.”

What you wrote here reminded me of something I came across in June 2022.

Back then, I came across a Chinese thinker's (王东岳, Wang Dong Yue) public lectures on YouTube. His observation is that all things evolve towards greater complexity. But this is a tradeoff as the more complex, the more fragile that "thing" (animate or inanimate) becomes

Also, the more complex, the less frequently it occurs.

His example was the most abundant element in the universe -- hydrogen. Incredibly abundant. Incredibly simple. Incredibly stable.

Humans on the other hand are incredibly rare (in the universe), incredibly complex (as in having many properties and abilities), and incredibly fragile.

As modern humans, we are more fragile than our ancestors even when we are genetically the same.

E.g. we cannot live without modern society and its infrastructure. Whereas our hunter-gatherer can survive with or without modern society's amenities.

The stability and complexity seem to form an inverse relationship and seems to be a constant. And evolution puts everything on course for greater complexity over time.

According to Wang, we evolve to have more complexity (read: more capabilities) in response to crises . We want to conserve energy given that it's rare. Evolving takes up energy and reduces stability, so we don't do it willy-nilly.

I am unsure how true Wang's theories are, but there's some thematic echoes between his ideas and yours.

Thanks for writing.

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